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Kindledews start out as seeds in all sorts of different grounds, and as they grow from a kitten, a plant sprouts up from where their tail should be, peeking out of the ground. Once a Kindledew grows up (or decides it's enough sitting in the ground...) they'll emerge with their plant tail and some part of their body made out of the soil they resided in to the surface. And while a good chunk of them chooses to stay where they have been born, a lot of others choose to live with humans, specifically gardeners, as they love helping nature flourish.

Kindledews are a Discord Based Closed Species, made by Mills (Tyraneilis) and Raptor (k1ib0uma)! Everything, whether it be creating a MYO or trading a character, has to be handled there. Upon joining, every person gets a Free MYO with three uncommon traits and one rare trait attached to it, if you want to add more items to the MYO, or get invested enough to continue your stay with us you can redeem art, writing and/or other creative media (ex. animations) for the species currency, Droplets, to buy more items!

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Visual Trait Guide

If you need a closer look at the images you can right click, and then click "Open image in new tab"! Every trait is also color coded with what rarity they are (green = common, yellow = uncommon, pink = rare, blue = mythical).







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